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  1. Starter Relay For Husqvarna TE 250 450 510 2008-2009 Faulty?

    Faulty Motorcycle Premium Starter Relay For Husqvarna TE 250 450 510 2008-2009


    Question. Hey just got a starter relay for my Husqvarna te 450 2008 model off you guys the part is faulty as per picture the fuse carrier has no connection terminals for the fuse so won’t give power could you possibly send another one thanks


    Answer. That side is for a spare fuse. and please check your connection, if you connect wire to the wrong terminal. The green fuse with 30a


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  2. Brake discs

    High-strength Low-Carbon Steel with Heat treated


    Cad/Cam Design, Laser Cut Technology


    Excellent Stopping Power and Feel.


    The outer design ensures good heat dissipation under heavy braking sessions, reducing brake fade, minimising warping, and ensuring rotor longevity. The slotted rotor ensures water and dirt are dispersed quickly when braking.


    Discs are optimally profiled and grooved/holed where necessary to provide maximal stopping power with optimum heat dissipation and mud / water clearance.


    Products conform to ISO9002 and QS9000 quality manufacturing standards, and have been developed to meet and exceed the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer.


    Solid Discs

    XYT Solid Discs - Round Design


    XYT Solid Discs - Wave Design

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  3. Chain



    Worldwide Standard Chains complying with ANSI, BS and ISO.

    The chains not only meet enough the requirements for the strength by ANSI, BS and ISO,

    but also provide a good value.


    • Uniformity consistent heat treated parts
    • Solid Rollers offering maximum chain life
    • Pre-Stretching eliminating initial stretch









    The service life of chains is greatly depended on the wearing between the pin-shaftand the sleeve. The "O" ring will greatly reduce the wearing and thus prolongthe service life. It is especially suitable for the adverse environmentssuch as the one bearing water, mud or dust.  

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  4. Sintered pads



    The XS series sintered pads Sintered pads



    XS series high friction sintered copper alloy brake pads are suitable for all weather conditions, having excellent stopping power and long lifetime.


    Sintered Metal Pad consists of Copper over 50%-60% in whole raw  material, and carbon, ceramic, tin, abrasives included in metal pad.


    Iron back plate for metal pad is plated by copper to make better welding with friction material.


    Temperature for welding is 1200-1500F degree under pressure.


    Iron back plate for Racing brake pad is used more strong material to make Katana(Japanese word)


    1. superior stopping power without fade


    1. good initial bite with low level effort
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  5. Organic pads



    The X series organic pads




    X series organic padsprovide good stopping power and feeling, having low disc wear features, medium lifetime.


    The X series are a superb all round value-for-money replacement for all levels of motorcycle and are still extremely popular with many riders who prefer the "feel" of organic pads.


    Organic pads consists of Aramid Fiber, Metals, Abrasives, Lubricants, mixed with Phenol Resin to form pad. When metal powder components exceed 50%, it is called Semi-Metallic Pad.


    XYT organic pad with new compounds will give you powerful stopping brake power and compatible with stainless steel rotor.


    Performance Characteristics


    1)Good initial bite


    2)Better Wearing


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